From Management of Alarms to Improved Service and onsite task efficiency.


Peace of Mind with 24 hr remote monitoring of Fire, Security, BMS, Access Alarms and more. 


InteraX and R-LinX easily integrates with your emergency alarm systems, as well as those essential to your business.


Connect via:

RS232 or RS485

TCP In/Out

IP Client In/Out

4x Onboard Contact Closures


  • Discreet Wi-Fi Button to send alerts and requests to a two-way radio, SMS, and email.

  • Connects to InteraX software over the building network. 

  • Single, double and long press push patterns.

  • Each press can have its own message and follow it’s own three-stage escalation.

  • eg Meeting Room
    • Press Once - Coffee and Tea required
    • Press Twice - IT Assistance Required

    • Long Press - Emergency Assistance Required.

  • Battery level indicator in the InteraX dashboard.

  • No limit to the number of buttons that can be added.



Essential system to allocate reactive tasks and schedule reminders for vital safety checks and maintenance.

Tasks can be allocated to a user or group directly from the managers PC and go directly to the radios. With full visibility of completed, outstanding tasks.


Assisting in achieving and monitoring essential KPI’s including:


Reactive maintenance – Speed of resolution

Completion of PPM – Planned Maintenance

Employee Workload Monitoring

Job Tasking location with location tree